Chinese School

Special Arrangement: Due to the current circumstances of the prevailing COVID-19 Pandemic, our services have been limited to only being available online; particular classes and extracurricular activities have been suspended until further notice. These in-person sessions will resume when conditions have improved. We will provide further updates on the announcements page as the conditions change. We thank you for your patience. 

The goal of our Chinese schools is to promote Chinese culture, provide Chinese language training, and help students develop good character traits.  Our aim is to equip students to become ambassadors of Western and Chinese culture while also advancing in their studies and careers.

Now there are currently 21 Pui Ying Chinese Schools in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby with more than 1,000 students.  Each school is managed by an experienced principal and is distinct in characteristics owing to the needs of students that we serve.

Unique Characteristics

• Use textbooks and teaching materials that are designed to suit the needs and level of local students.

• Utilize interactive teaching methods and activities to motivate students’ learning incentive. Activities such as: recital, skit, storytelling, oral composition, conversational exercise, and public speaking are used to reinforce learning.

• Train students to use the language with proficiency.

• Assist students to develop positive character traits and values.

• Employ qualified and experienced teachers for quality teaching.  Conferences and training workshops are held to upgrade teachers’ teaching skills.

• Provide students with storybooks for extra-curricular earning and encourage them to participate in community events that allow them to use more Chinese.

• Invite parents to participate in the Parents Advisory Committee and contribute their suggestions to improve our schools.