GARDENING CLUB 培英園藝社 – Pui Ying Centre


The Gardening Club was founded in 1998 as an interest group under Pui Ying Christian Services Society. At present, the club has over 70 active members.

Gardening seminars and workshops are held on the second Tuesday of every month. Members gather to share their experience in gardening. Guest speakers are also invited to deliver special talks in gardening.

On the second Saturday of every month, the Gardening Club holds a variety of tours to visit farms, gardens, nurseries, wineries, and hatcheries. Tulips festival, cherry picking, salmon return sight seeing, and corn maze tour are just a few seasonal events that we host.

We look forward to having more gardening enthusiasts to join us in the future.


  1. 環保防害蟲, 雀鳥, 小動物及病菌資料 : 請按 :  環保防害蟲
  2. 為手術作準備 (Preparing For Surgery) :  請按 : 為手術作準備

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